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We all know they are too lazy and far too busy handing out irrelevant $25. fees for everything from too many items on your patio, to bags left outside your door for Goodwill pickup. Those little notes are just like the "ladies" that work in the office, quick and easy money makers. ;)

Since Brighton Place Apartments charges a flat fee for water usage, I wonder how much they would lose in a month, or even a year, if every resident left their water running in their tub, even for just a few hours a day? Just a thought?

Let's talk about MONEY!!

$25. nusance fees
Why are some people allowed to store furniture, grills (which is against the Lewisville City Ordinance), ladders, and whatever else they want, but if the office singles you out, the lovely little $25. fee slip of paper is posted to your door? Aside for the fact they are only targeting certain people, I know one Arabic gentleman that has received several notices for items on his patio, when the same family (of a different national origin), in the same complex, is not targeted and fined. ILLEGAL!

ILLEGAL Towing Policy
Although the office tries to say that the lease is signed and residents are to notify their guests of the towing policy, what if the guests are not aware of the policy? Is it legal to enforce this towing policy against them? From what the City of Lewisville states, it most certainly is not! What if you take your children to that drug den, I am not saying that you will, but just go with me on this one? What if you take them there to sell Girl Scout Cookies, or to minister or invite someone to Vacation Bible School? If you are unaware of the towing policy, and if you park your car in any section where it does not belong, you get towed. I know several people that have been towed and the office was able to call the towing company and waive the fee for getting their car returned. Is that fair and equal treatment? I don't think so! Take them to Small Claims Court, and file a complaint with the City of Lewisville. Eventually, Brighton place Apartments, and their owner, Jaymz Yates, will see the error of their ways!

Apartments that are falling apart
Is the paint on your bath tub peeling up, catching your child's foot, and causing a potential slip and fall injury? What about the air conditioner vents that are in the ceilings, rusted, and ready to drop when the first person walks by and steps a little too heavy on the floor above? Is the door on the patio jammed shut, the door where the hot water heater is, causing a fire hazard? So many items, and so little space and time to list them all! But, we will get back to that!